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Angry Bulls Club(ABC)

Multi-chain Based N-Fi Platform
What is ABC Project? : The Angry Bulls Club (ABC) project is a multi-chain PFP (Profile Picture) NFT initiative operating on both the Polygon and Klaytn blockchains. With a focus on NFT mining tokens, the project integrates De-Fi within existing NFT platforms, offering a unique De-Fi approach. The primary objective is to establish an ecosystem that enhances the value of users' digital assets.
Central to the Angry Bulls Club (ABC) project is the 'Angry Bull' NFT, a significant intellectual property. The project includes various NFT-based games and plans to initiate diverse business ventures and collaborations based on NFT, contributing to the expansion and enrichment of the overall ecosystem.
The ABC platform incorporates De-Fi into the NFT-based model, creating a platform where NFT owners, as users of the ABC platform, can expand the value of their digital assets. The focus is on acquiring digital asset value, emphasizing NFTs as crucial assets within the ABC platform. Various items, such as ABC tokens and lands, can be mined through games and activities utilizing NFTs, introducing new revenue streams.
The ABC platform's NFT-based De-Fi platform not only supports NFTs provided by the ABC project but also accommodates various De-Fi services based on other NFTs. Multi-chain-based ABC tokens play a versatile role within the ABC platform, serving different functions. These tokens can be acquired or utilized in various ways, contributing to the overall ecosystem.
In summary, the ABC platform offers a unique combination of De-Fi and NFTs, allowing users to enhance the value of their digital assets through activities within the platform.
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