ABC DAO & Treasury Fund

ABC DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. ABC platform supports NFT DAO operation based on ABC token or ABC NFT. ABC DAO can make decisions and exercise voting rights on various issues during the ABC project operation and in other ecosystems.
The DAO system is operated in the form of the diagram above. Voting participation rights are provided to ABC token holders with more than a certain quantity of ABC tokens, and transactions occur through ABC tokens during actual voting.

Treasury Fund is the main wallet that holds funds used to operate the ABC token ecosystem. A portion of the fee incurred in using the ecosystem belongs to Treasury Fund, and the tokens accumulated in the fund will be used for the stable operation of the ABC ecosystem. Treasury Fund carries out the function of building an ecosystem in the initial stage of fund establishment, and after that, it will be operated for the existence of the ecosystem.
Treasury Fund operates the fund with two objectives. The first objective is ecosystem operating fund for the ABC platform, P2E game, and ecosystem. The second objective is supplying liquidity to provide stable APY to users on the De-Fi platform.
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