Angry Bulls Club NFTs

Angry Bulls Club (ABC, Angry Bulls Club) is a project started as a multi-chain based PFP NFT to support Polygon and Klaytn simultaneously. Angry Bulls Club (ABC) PFP NFT consists of 100 limited edition NFTs, 205 traits, and 10,000 NFTs, each with a different personality and fashion. The 1st and 2nd pre-sales of Angry Bulls, bulls expressing 10,000 different [Angers], were held waiting for the conquerors to choose.
The most important thing in operating ABC NFT is the NFT and strong fandom community. The first vision of ABC project is to bring together people in the community to lead the project. Therefore, the ABC project is based on NFT and the value of NFT, P2E system using NFT, NFT-based DAO fund operation, collaboration with other NFT projects, N-Fi service with De-Fi applied to NFT, and various NFT-based businesses. It aims at building a platform and ecosystem that can provide many benefits to users who own ABC NFTs and create better value.

NFT Benefits

The ABC platform use blockchain technology and NFT to provide the following benefits to all users participating in the ecosystem.
▶ Ecosystem Revenue
ABC NFT holders mine ABC points for the profits generated in the ABC platform ecosystem, and ABC points can be exchanged for ABC tokens.
▶ Preservation of Value
ABC NFT holders acquire additional NFTs through continuous breeding, which can preserve the value of NFTs. Breeding proceeds in various forms, such as crossbreeding and combination, and can be transformed according to the method of the P2E game.
▶ Membership Benefits
Various online/offline events for holders will be held, and NFT holders will be given priority to participate in all events.
▶ Decision-Making
By owning NFTs, you can contribute to the project by participating in decision-making in the ABC ecosystem.
▶ Permanent Digital Ownership
Users will have permanent digital ownership of the NFT items they hold. All NFTs stored in the blockchain can be used in game, DAO, De-Fi, etc. in the ABC ecosystem, or exchanged for other virtual assets and tokenized.
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