Business Model

All NFTs in the ABC ecosystem contain 7.5% of royalty. For every NFT traded, 7.5% of royalty is used for fund management purposes of ABC Treasury Fund.

Various NFTs exist in the ABC ecosystem, and new NFTs can be acquired through breeding. Depending on the NFT selected for breeding, certain ABC tokens are required for NFT breeding, and these ABC tokens will be a source of revenue for the ABC project, and approximately 50% of the tokens will belong to the Treasury Fund and used for fund operation and development funds.

The ABC ecosystem supports various multi-chains, and in order to use ABC tokens in this multi-chain, it is essential to use a bridge by connecting a wallet. Multi-chain bridge network usage fee must be paid by the corresponding network mainnet coins such as Ethereum, Polygon, Klaytn, BNB, etc. The relevant expense is used for the purpose of providing liquidity as the LP (Liquidity Provider).

The ABC ecosystem includes multiple De-Fi platforms. We plan to provide liquidity as the LP in De-Fi service with the funds held in the Treasury Fund. When a user creates LP tokens including ABC tokens and deposits them in the De-Fi service, a deposit fee is incurred, and the deposit fee is around 1 - 4%.
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