Token Allocation
ABC NFT holders can mine blockchain-based points using ABC NFT. The output of points varies depending on the number of NFTs and the limited edition you possess, and you can receive an extension allowance for the output of points by combining multiple NFTs. The relevant points can be exchanged for ABC tokens, and the exchange rate for ABC tokens and points differs depending on the rarity or holding quantity of ABC NFT, and the ABC NFT-based membership level.
Token Name : ABC Token
Symbol : ABC
Total Issue Quantity: 300,000,000
Blockchain Network : Klaytn

When holding ABC NFT, ABC points are mined according to the rarity and grade of NFT, and can be exchanged for ABC tokens.

On the ABC platform, membership exists based on ABC NFT, and when various events are held, you can receive ABC tokens as a participation reward or membership benefit reward along with participation priority.

You can enjoy a variety of P2E games in the ABC platform, and you can mine points or items by playing P2E games. Points can be exchanged for ABC tokens, and items can be NFTized on the marketplace to breed or directly sell them to obtain ABC tokens.

A variety of products are provided in the De-Fi service, but by default, you receive interests from NFT-based deposits, which is paid by ABC tokens. In addition, the longer the period, the more the number of times, the more rewards are paid.

Certain conditions are required to participate in the ABC DAO and exercise voting rights, but if you contribute to the revitalization of the platform by achieving the conditions for participation, present an opinion that is adopted, or perform new activities in the platform by forming a DAO organization through establishing an additional community in addition to the DAO provided by the ABC platform, you will receive additional rewards according to your contribution level.

You can use ABC tokens to purchase ABC NFTs in the ABC platform. When purchasing ABC NFTs, you pay about 7.5% of creator fee to ABC platform.

You can purchase or trade items in various P2E games you play in the ABC platform. You must use ABC tokens to resell the various NFTs obtained by playing P2E games. At this time, you pay a small fee to the platform.

Among ABC De-Fi services, there are token-based services in addition to NFT-based deposits. At this time, ABC tokens are used, and ABC tokens are paid as a fee of a certain percentage at the time of swap.

ABC tokens are used to decorate your ‘Angry Bull’ avatar and mine ABC Metaworld lands, which will be updated in the future. ABC tokens are used to decorate your ‘Angry Bull’ avatar in your own style, and ABC tokens are used to NFTize it.
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