ABC Multichain Bridge & Wallet
The ABC project basically supports multi-chain. ABC token will have De-Fi pools in multiple multi-chain networks, and when using multiple systems in the ABC ecosystem, users connect ABC Web Wallet to the platform and use ABC Bridge to swap ABC tokens for network tokens suitable for the platform.
Currently, there are various blockchain mainnets in the market that provide various algorithms. Among many blockchain mainnets, ABC will provide multiple multi-chains to maximize user convenience.
ABC expects to use Polygon and Klaytn mainnets to apply and utilize their multi-chain and De-Fi solutions. In addition, the relevant mainnets use the PoS (Proof of Stake) algorithm, which is a much more eco-friendly solution than the PoW (Proof of Work) algorithm, so that users can benefit from transaction cost efficiency and speed when using the ABC platform and ecosystem.
Starting with Klaytn, ABC Bridge will support Ethereum, Matic, and Binance Smart Chain in advance, and will support various networks such as Solana, Tezos, and Avalanche in the future. When ABC Web Wallet is developed and connected to the platform, a multi-chain bridge is used when swapping ABC tokens for other tokens, and a certain percentage of the fee is paid to the ABC platform in the name of transaction fee each time it is used. This fund will be used as a reward or operating fund for liquidity providers.
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