Risks & Disclaimers

ABC Tokens are regulated by the laws of the jurisdiction where the foundation is located. In addition, licensing, license, and approval cannot be guaranteed in all countries and regions of jurisdiction where ABC Tokens are used.
For ABC Tokens. we operate ABC Tokens in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and are striving to obtain necessary licenses and approvals for operation. ABC Token-related services are affected by each country's regulations and policies, and we do not provide complete guarantees regarding regulatory licensing. Therefore, if appropriate license is not obtained in the service jurisdiction, the service of ABC Tokens may be restricted or the service may be refused in the App Store, etc.
The value of virtual assets changes every day. Virtual asset transaction or balance may increase or decrease sharply. Please keep in mind that there is a possibility that the price of virtual assets such as ABC Tokens may become zero.
Depending on the policy of the cryptocurrency exchange, the suspension of trading ABC Tokens or delisting of ABC Tokens may be decided. For ABC Tokens, we do not take any responsibility for such situations.
ABC Tokens have the potential that transactions fail or become difficult due to a decrease in interpersonal trading volume. Alternatively, traders can call the transaction price at a price that is quite hostile depending on market conditions or size. Accordingly, there is a risk of transaction liquidity.
For ABC Tokens, we operate services and platforms in the cloud and IDC. We are working hard to conduct security audits, security patches, and service checks in accordance with each country's security regulations. However, service access may be difficult or failure may occur due to security vulnerabilities, zero-day attacks, DDoS, etc. In this case, we do not take any responsibility for ABC Tokens.
There is a risk that factors such as changes in the external environment may make us difficult to continue business. In this case, we cannot operate the business continuously. All proceedings involving customer assets shall be proceeded in accordance with the law of the location of the foundation, and conducted in accordance with the Bankruptcy Law, the Corporate Law, the Corporate Rehabilitation Law, the Individual Rehabilitation Law and other relevant laws.

With the exception of some countries, the relevant laws and tax regulations for most virtual assets have not been finalized. For information, please consult with your country's law firm, tax accountant or qualified professional. Acquisition or loss of capital resulting from the sale of ABC Tokens may be subject to the Capital Acquisition Law and tax laws. For ABC Tokens, we are not responsible for any customer's tax payment. For additional tax-related information, please consult with your country's relevant tax accountant or qualified professional.
For ABC Tokens, we do not assume any responsibility related to individual's tax payment. According to each country's cryptocurrency regulation, for ABC Tokens, we may withdraw from business or terminate ABC Token services in some countries.

The ABC Token White Paper and supplementary documents are not prospectus nor financial service proposals. It cannot be treated as a security investment product or regulated product in any country. This White Paper and additional documents cannot be used for the purchase or purchase offer of ABC Tokens and service products. ABC Token holders are not entitled to claim any rights against the ABC Token operator, its affiliates, and intellectual properties including income such as royalties, profits, and revenues from stake, stock, bond, capital, etc.

For ABC Tokens, we may proceed with the sale of unissued NPLX as a SIMPLE AGREEMENT FOR FUTURE TOKENS (“SAFT”). Detailed agreements related to SAFT shall be concluded through the foundation and legal advice. This Agreement may not be disclosed to the outside depending on the Agreement.

This Whitepaper and its accompanying documents inform you that the purchase of ABC Tokens involves significant risks and may result in significant losses. Before purchasing ABC Tokens, you must carefully evaluate and consider the risks involved, including those listed in any other documents.
Buyers shall not purchase ABC Tokens for speculative or investment purposes. Please purchase or trade ABC Tokens only if you fully understand the risks and nature of the ABC Token business and accept the inherent risks of ABC Tokens.
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