The Angry Bulls Club (ABC) is an NFT that expresses the sensibility of modern people, and it wants to change the world through 10,000 Angry Bulls (Angry Bulls) that represent modern people.
The Angry Bulls Club (ABC) project issues 10,000 PFPs in the form of a multi-chain based on Polygon and Klaytn networks. The new journey of modern people starting from the Angry Bulls Club (ABC) metaverse and the privileges and rights of membership are all melted into the Angry Bulls Club (ABC) NFT.
Angry Bull Story
A bull that has been genetically mutated as a result of genetic manipulation experiments in the 1940s: Before the human experiment, testosterone was injected to the bull for a test, and an internal war broke out and the bull escaped. Due to the over-injection of testosterone that could not be removed during the escape process, the bull became to have a militant personality and a desire to conquer, but the bull is suffering from double bull character (?) because it has a good heart.
Angry Bull
Its name is Angry with big horns, raised trapezius muscles and stout shoulders. Although it is herbivore, we feel intimidated by the force of the angry bull that seems to eat us at any moment. It is an ambitious dreamer that dreams of conquering the Earth, but it has a kind heart, so it is always thinking about how to make a charismatic expression.
Description of the Work
Due to double bull character(?), Angry usually engages in conquest activities and acts destructively, but at home, Angry enjoys listening to Black in Black by Angus Young (AC/DC) and taking a half bath as a hobby. Angry prefers a dandy style, but is conscious of other people's eyes and decorate itself in a macho style. On the surface, Angry acts consciously of the gaze of others, but on the inside, Angry has a pure heart. It is a crystal of surrogate satisfaction that represents the reality of modern people, and viewers feel some kind of refreshment through its angry face.
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